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Anyone who uses a computer or mobile device to surf the Internet, manage email, does online banking, shops online, or does just about anything else in our digital world has discovered one thing—they need to keep track of dozens, perhaps hundreds of unique usernames, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs) and account numbers.

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Keeping a written list of this private information on paper and storing it next to your computer, or in your wallet or purse, can be a huge security problem if that list were to ever fall into the wrong hands. Instead, seriously consider using an easy-to-use and low-cost password manager application on all your computers and mobile devices.

A password manager is an app that automatically stores and organizes all your usernames, passwords, PINs and account numbers, for example, within one encrypted and secure database. Access to this database becomes available from all your own computers and mobile devices, giving you instant access to the account information you need, exactly when and where you need it.

As you’ll quickly discover, not all password managers are alike. Most offer a unique set of security features and have a monthly or annual subscription fee associated with them. So if you’re looking for a tool to add to your personal online security arsenal to help protect your identity and private information, here are details about some of the best password managers currently available.

Best Password Manager for Frequent Travelers 1Password

Priced at $2.99/month per user, or $4.99/month for a family (up to five users), 1Password is a comprehensive password manger that’s compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS (along with all popular web browsers), so it’ll work seamlessly across all your Internet-connected computers and mobile devices.

In addition to offering New Zealand driver's license AES 256-bit encryption that’s used to store your personal database of usernames, passwords and account details within a Password Vault, 1Password utilizes added security measures to protect this data as it’s syncing between devices or being transferred via the Internet. This provides added security when using the Digital Wallet feature, for example, to shop online (when you also use 1Password to store your credit card details, along with your shipping and billing information).

Another useful feature of 1Password is that it automatically generates alerts related to compromised websites, vulnerable passwords or unsecured websites you may be accessing, so you can take pro-active security measures. For global travelers, 1Password can temporarily remove sensitive and private data from your devices when you cross borders, and then restore access to that data whenever you wish using its proprietary Travel Mode. The subscription fee for 1Password allows you to store an unlimited number of usernames, passwords and account-related details, and also utilize up to 1GB of online document and file storage.

1PasswordPassword Manager for Families, Businesses, Teams | 1Password Best-Value Password Manager Bitwarden

The core tools offered by Bitwarden are free, on an unlimited basis. The subscription fee for a Premium Account (which includes enhanced security tools) is priced at just create a fake passport $1.00/month or $10/year, making it an incredible value and a very useful addition to your computer’s privacy and security arsenal.

Beyond just managing passwords and account-related details, Bitwarden offers built-in tools for securely managing all of your sensitive data, especially when it’s being synced or transmitted via the web. Proprietary Bitwarden apps integrate with all popular web browsers and are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Other useful features offered by Bitwarden include unlimited password vault items, a password generator, secured one-to-one text and file sharing (using the Bitwarden Send feature) and two-step authentication compatibility with hardware-based security keys from YubiKey, U2F and Duo.

Easiest Password Manager Dashlane

This comprehensive password manager—used to create, save, and autofill your passwords (and account details)—works with all popular devices and web browsers. The goal of Dashlane is to make your individual account details (usernames, passwords, etc.) readily available to you (and only you) when and where the information is needed, and to save you time and effort https://passportgeneratoronline.com/product/greece-drivers-license when it comes to logging into various online accounts.

A free version of Dashlane is offered if you only use one computer or mobile device and need to remember just 50 passwords or less. However, if you want access to an unlimited password database across any two of your own computers, mobile devices and web browsers, a subscription costs $3.99/month or $35.88/year. For unlimited password database access across all your devices, a Premium account is required. This costs $6.49/month or $59.88/year.

DashlanePassword Manager App for Home, Mobile, Business | Dashlane Best Security Monitoring Keeper

In addition to serving as an encrypted password management system that will create, store, and autofill all your usernames, passwords, and related account details, Keeper does a nice job at helping to protect you against ransomware attacks by continuously monitoring the dark web looking for cybercriminals who may be using your credentials as a result of a public data breach.

In addition, your personal password database is customizable, so you can add specific fields—like a driver’s license number or passport number—to a specific record, in addition to credit card payment information, a shipping address and billing address. A subscription to Keeper includes access to a secure, encrypted and cloud-based file vault where you can store other types of data, documents, photos and files.


A subscription for Keeper starts at $2.99/month or $34.99/year, but for dark web monitoring and secure file storage, the Keeper Plus Bundle is priced at $4.87/month or $58.47/year. You can use either subscription with all the devices you own.

Keeper® Password Manager & Digital VaultFree Password Manager & Password Vault | Keeper Security LastPass Best Selection of Features

By maintaining a comprehensive database of your account details, the Log In and Go feature in LastPass makes sure you can access your favorite websites and online services quickly and easily, without having to remember your login credentials. This password manager also streamlines the online shopping process when you revisit your favorite online stores, can generate ultra-strong passwords on your behalf, and can also store a wide range of other digital record types. When you save a password once, it almost instantly becomes available across all of your own computers, mobile devices, web browsers and even your smart watch.

While a free LastPass account is available, a Premium subscription ($3.00/month) includes dark web monitoring, advanced multi-factor authentication options, 1GB of encrypted cloud-based storage, along with the ability to securely share files with others.

Lastpass#1 Password Manager & Vault App with Single-Sign On & MFA Solutions | LastPass Best All-Inclusive Password Manager NordPass

This too is a comprehensive, subscription-based password management service starting at $1.49/month for one user, which gives you unlimited access to the “premium” security features offered. A free option is available with fewer features, and a family plan is priced at $3.99/month for up to five unique users.

After choosing a subscription plan, download the appropriate app version onto each of your computers and mobile devices, and add web browser integration during the initial setup process. Moving forward, the app will http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=Fake Passport Generator online import your existing usernames, passwords and account details, and then automatically store new account information as it’s created. Anytime you establish a new account, simply click on the Save button that’s association with your account data and NordPass will do the rest.

Like many password managers, when online shopping, for example, NordPass will remember your credit card information, billing address and shipping address, and insert it into the proper shopping cart fields, which will save you time during the checkout process.

NordpassSecurely Store, Manage & Autofill Passwords Important features to look for in a Password Manager

On the surface, the core features of most password managers are very similar. However, it’s the added functionality which some of these apps offer that can greatly enhance their usefulness. When choosing which password manager is right for you, look for the ability for it to encrypt and store your password database in the cloud, so it can instantly sync between all your own Internet-connected computers, mobile devices, and web browsers.

A password manager’s ability to automatically generate long and secure passwords on your behalf and then store them automatically whenever you create a new account is another useful feature.

Also, each time you log into an already established account or revisit a favorite website using your favorite web browser (on your computer or mobile device), you want the password manager to automatically insert (autofill) your username, password and related information into the appropriate fields, making the log-in process quick and easy.

If you go with the paid subscription version of a password manager, you want the ability to store an unlimited number of records (usernames, passwords and account details), and then be able to organize the data into separate folders or categories for easy reference. The ability to store credit card information associated with specific accounts is also useful, so you don’t have to re-enter this information when placing repeat online shopping orders, for example.


Most subscriptions also offer seamless compatibility with all your computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile devices (iOS or Android) for one flat-rate, and the ability for the password manager to automatically import all of your existing usernames, passwords and account details (so you don’t initially have to manually type this information into the database). These are two features you’ll appreciate having.

Why You Should Use a Password Manager

The Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android operating systems all include their own password managers, yet if you’re not the only person using your equipment, these tools do not offer the same level of privacy and security as a dedicated and optional password management application. It’s also not ideal if you’re moving from one platform to another, or if you use multiple web browsers.

Plus, if you’re concerned about the protection of your online accounts, by utilizing a password manager, along with a separate Virtual Private Network (VPN) application and anti-virus software on your computers, you’re giving yourself the best possible advantage when it comes to outsmarting cybercriminals.